The Web is vast and complex
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My name is Stephanie

and I’m La Matryoshka.

La Matryoshka

La Matryoshka is a rebellion against web agencies that treat their customers like bank accounts and minimize efforts for the lowest paying. It is the realization of my multidisciplinarity after several years in these agencies, in companies, in jobs in no way related to my current field, but as unique as each other, and where I developed a curiosity for various industries.

The Matryoshka cares about all its customers, regardless of their budget. It wants to allow all self-employed workers and all SMEs from here and elsewhere to take their rightful place on the Internet and reduce the market shares of multinationals. Your success is my success.

Me – Stéphanie

Being told to do the bare minimum for a client because we have a limited budget was common with my former employers. By starting on my own, I aspire to achieve more with less, to allow the smallest to have a voice online and not to disappear at the expense of large surfaces. My name is Stéphanie Genest, I live in Verdun, Montreal (Hippolytoise by birth), and I intend to help my Quebec and my Canada shine on the web.

I have worked in rather varied fields (Web, advertising, translation, production, television, catering, sales, secretarial, sports, outdoors, food, landscaping, etc.), and all these experiences make me La Matryoshka. By choosing to go on my own, I gained a big advantage: being able to choose my clients. I am 100% involved in my projects and I appreciate a fluid and direct relationship with my clients, which is why choosing clients with whom I get on well and who will want to get involved is so important. I am available and I popularize by ensuring that you are in full control of your site and our project. Your success is my success.

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