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Client's situation

Like most bars and microbreweries in Quebec, La Succursale had an outdated site presenting outdated information on a non-responsive canvas. The owners wanted a site that fit on one page and included all the necessary information. After a few months of use, they found that they did not have the reflex to modify the list of beers and the menus on the site. We had to find a solution.


La Matryoshka created a new site on WordPress that combined simplicity and conciseness. When they let it be known that they were not comfortable enough to access the admin and edit the menus and the beers, they were offered to redirect the URL to their Facebook page, and to improve the latter. They were enchanted.

Services performed

Site redesign

The initial goal of the collaboration between La Succursale and La Matryoshka was to redesign the website to eliminate all unnecessary and expired elements, and to rework the visual style of the neighborhood microbrewery. We came to a site architecture with 6 sections: Beers, Food, Rental Room, Mug Club, Sunday Quiz, and Contact Information.

We wanted everything to fit on a single page (the viewport). As I myself am a fan of microbrewery beers, and I often look while on the road for the opening hours and the phone number, I knew full well that this information is crucial on mobile (and desktop), it that’s why I integrated a small widget allowing to determine at the time of the visit on the site if the brewery is open or not.

The site was perfect, but the problem was this: The owners of La Succursale had decided to eliminate their UnTappd subscription, because the account of efforts requested daily edits to update their beer list was too high. But a list was still on the site to let customers know which beers were coming and which were available. The WordPress platform requires identification and it is much easier to modify the content of the site on a computer or a laptop than on their mobile – that they have faster access – which is why after talking with customers, we decided to opt for the improvement of their business profile on Facebook, and the possible temporary elimination of their website.

Social media management

With 5.49 million Quebecers on Facebook, reaching customers via social media seems appropriate. However, the brewery page was far from being optimal and above all from being up to date. We have therefore worked hard on the information available (opening hours, description, menus, etc.).

I also provided training on the types of posts, the types of photos that attract reactions, and we also worked on the tone.



By reinventing their food menu, often modifying their beers and adding the whole Covid situation, the artisanal brewery La Succursale needed a lot of printing. Table ads, menus, posters, coasters, and more were created for La Succursale.